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Sabino Jauregui, Esq.
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  • Ex-State Prosecutors have the experience to fight for you!
  • You are INNOCENT until proven guilty.
  • Certain Defenses or Technicalities may mean the difference between Guilt and Innocence.
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Welcome to the Law offices of Jauregui and Jauregui, P.A.

Put our team of CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS in gear by contacting us today! 

Practicing primarily in South Florida, but available to defend criminal cases statewide. Both attorneys are also licensed in Washington D.C. and New York. We can help you. Sabino Jauregui, Esq. and Dianne Jauregui, Esq. are former Miami-Dade County State Prosecutors. We have handled thousands of criminal cases, dealing with everything from DUI to Murder. Whether you are accused of a felony, misdemeanor, juvenile or DUI, our firm has the experience and the resources necessary to defend against any criminal charge. In Florida, depending upon the type of criminal charge, the potential penalties differ tremendously.

The Law Offices of Jauregui & Jauregui, P.A. are an aggressive and affordable Miami criminal defense firm who fight to protect your rights and win your case.

We give each and every client the individual attention they deserve. Both attorneys and staff fluently speak, read, and write both English and Spanish.



Knowledge is power and the more you know the more effective you will be in fighting your charges.
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We are experienced attorneys that know the law and have a record of success.
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  1. Do not talk with anyone from Law Enforcement. Not answering a police officer's questions is your Constitutional right!
  2. Do not agree to any search, or turn over anything to Law Enforcement.
  3. Do not talk about your case with your family, friends, or anyone in jail. What you tell them can, and probably will be used against you.
  4. Do not represent yourself. The Prosecutor on your case is an experienced attorney who knows the law better than you do.
  5. Do not go to court without first talking to an attorney who specializes in criminal law.
  6. Talk with your attorney and tell the attorney everything about your case. What you tell your attorney is confidential and cannot be used against you. Knowing the facts is essential to preparing a successful defense.
  7. Identify and find any possible witnesses that may have information which is favorable to you.
  8. Do not sign anything without talking to your lawyer.
  10. Do not go to court before coming into our office for your FREE CONSULTATION!