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Practice Areas

Every criminal case is different and that is why it is important that you hire an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney who can competently prepare and defend your case. As experienced criminal attorneys, Jauregui & Jauregui, P. A. , will look at all the phases of your detention and arrest. Often times, there are problems with the arrest such as lack of probable cause or failure to advise you of your Constitutional rights (the right to an attorney and the right to remain silent, for example). There may be evidentiary problems or witness problems. All of these issues will be brought together to formulate a proper defense for trial. It is important to hire the right attorney, because your freedom may be at stake.

Traffic Crimes Including:

● DUI Manslaughter
● BUI (Boating Under the Influence)
● Driving While License Suspended
● Habitual Traffic Offender
● No Valid Driver's License
● Leaving the Scene of an Accident
● Reckless Driving
● Drag Racing

Misdemeanors, Including:

● Assault
● Battery
● Criminal Mischief
● Carrying a Concealed Weapon
● Improper Exhibition of a Weapon
● False reports to police
● Gambling
● Stalking
● Obstruction of justice
● Prostitution
● Lewd Conduct
● Indecent Exposure
● Petit Theft
● Shoplifting
● Worthless Check
● Possession of Marijuana
● Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
● Resisting an Officer Without Violence
● Trespass

Drug Cases Including:

● Possession
● Cultivation
● Distribution
● Importation
● Manufacturing
● Possession for Sale
● Trafficking
● Conspiracy
● Armed Trafficking
● Transportation

White Collar Crimes Including

● Bribery
● Counterfeiting
● Credit Card Fraud
● Currency Violations
● Embezzlement
● Environmental Crimes
● Extortion
● Forgery
● Fraud
● Internet Fraud
● Money Laundering
● Mortgage Fraud
● Organized Fraud
● Perjury

Domestic Violence cases, Including:

● Assault
● Battery
● Harassing Phone Calls
● Stalking
● Aggravated Stalking

Post-Conviction Motions, Including:

● Motion for a New Trial
● Plea Withdrawals
● Vacate Pleas or Judgment
● Post-Conviction Motions

Felonies Including:

● Aiding/Abetting
● Burglary
● Possession of Burglary Tools
● False Imprisonment
● Grand Theft (all degrees)
● Grand Theft Auto
● Dealing in Stolen Property
● Uttering a Forged Instrument
● Felony Battery
● Aggravated Battery
● Aggravated Assault
● Aggravated Stalking
● Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer
● Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer
● Shooting a Deadly Missile
● Arson
● Aggravated Child Abuse
● Child Abuse
● Child Molestation
● Child Pornography Habitual Offenders / Career Criminals
● Fraud (all types)
● Fleeing & Eluding
● Kidnapping
● Possession of Cocaine
● Resisting an Officer with Violence
● Robbery
● Armed Robbery
● Sexual Assault
● Sexual Battery
● Vehicular Manslaughter
● Attempted Manslaughter
● Manslaughter
● Attempted Murder
● Murder

Florida State Penalties

There are more than 300 different criminal charges in the state of Florida. Whether you are accused of a felony, misdemeanor, juvenile or DUI, our law firm has the experience and the resources necessary to defend against any criminal charge. In Florida, crimes are treated as either a misdemeanor or felony charge. Depending upon the type of criminal charge, the potential penalties differ tremendously. If convicted, an accused could be sentenced by a judge to any of the following maximum or minimum penalties: A first degree misdemeanor carries a maximum penalty of 1 year in the county jail or a minimum penalty of Court Costss. A second degree misdemeanor carries a maximum penalty of 60 days in the county jail or a minimum penalty of Court Costss. Felony charges are broken down into three different degrees. First degree felonies can be punishable by a maximum of life in prison. Second degree felonies have a maximum punishment of 15 years in prison. Lastly, a third degree felony has a maximum punishment of 5 years in Florida state prison. In all felony cases, the state of Florida has created a very complicated scoring system in order to determine if an accused scores any mandatory prison time. Additionally, in cases involving either drug trafficking, a firearm, or assault of a law enforcement officer, there are minimum mandatory jail sentences that must be imposed if convicted.

Federal Cases

If one is arrested by federal authorities and taken to a federal detention center, the likelihood is that the case will be handled in federal court. There are numerous types of offenses that fall under the category of "Federal Crimes", which include:

  • Smuggling Controlled Substances
  • Internet Crimes
  • Large Quantity Narcotic Conspiracy Cases
  • Bank Robbery and Bank Fraud
  • Pornography Cases
  • Mail Fraud/Theft from the Mail
  • Bribery of Public Officials
  • Crimes Committed on Federal Land
  • Interstate Crimes
  • Seizures (all types)

In federal court, both the United States Code and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines control sentencing. Under the Guidelines, a federal judge is required to sentence according to a formula, which is a combination of the offense or conviction and the defendant's criminal history.

Once the defendant is convicted and the prior record is determined, the judge uses a chart to determine the sentence that must be imposed. Since there are only a few ways to get a downward departure from sentencing guidelines, it is imperative that you are represented by an attorney who is thoroughly familiar with federal court procedures